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4 definitions by Juke McKones

A creepy tool who preys on unnattractive younger high school girls. He likes to wear just one ear bud at a time, rendering any song in stereo beyond his comprehension. For supper, he likes to eat a salad with zesty french dressing, but not too much, or he'll have bad dreams about his very small feet falling through sewer grates.
J: Hey, let's go cockblock the Muffin Man!
L: Block what?
by Juke McKones May 04, 2011
Nighttime clothing made specifically for women.
I usually sleep in my boxers, but she likes to put on her sexy vajamas.
by Juke McKones May 04, 2011
a period of time, during intercourse, in which no amount of speed or ferocity will result in the male climax, pleasing the female to no end
You know when I hit bonirvana, she'll be moaning like a banshee.
by Juke McKones May 04, 2011
various meats on a stick, used most for cleaning the inside of a dirty vagina
She wasn't the cleanest girl, but I was hungry, so I cracked out my trusty fondouche.
by Juke McKones May 04, 2011