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The Agents (code names: H, L, and E), founded in early 2007, hold PHd's in kicking ass and taking names. They are rockstars of the highest caliber and pretty much pown everything. The Agents are adored by all, understood by few, and sexed up by whomever they choose.

They save children, but not the British children.
1) Creepers should never mess with the Agents, lest they they get powned like Cyrano de Bergerac powned Montfleury.

2) Agent L is so sexy, a greek man asked for a picture with her to prove she was real.

3) Every barista in the greater Pacific Northwest is infatuated with Agent E.

4) Agent H has been begged by the Queen never to return to the British Isles because of the flood of broken hearts she leaves in her wake. She is currently considering the plea. And planning another trip.

5) "Dude, I'm not going to mess with the biker guy with a rifle! He went to Harvard, and he's strangely sexy. He's way too Agent."
#sexy #pown #brilliant #rock stars #gorgeous
by Jujubear September 16, 2007
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