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Jesus' more powerful, ginger brother.
"Jesus give me back my x-box, or I'll roundhouse kick your ass back into Jerusalem."-Chuck Norris
by Juicalicious April 25, 2010
Shitty genre of music. It is said to be derived from hardcore punk and heavy metal, but really sounds like Panic! at the Disco with heavier guitar riffs. The vocalists are usually washed up emos.
by Juicalicious January 21, 2011
A male with abnormally juicy thighs. They are so big, that his testes are in danger of cracking in between them as he walks.
" Hey Bill, Mr. Darcy is a real nutcracker." " Yea those are some big ass thighs."
by Juicalicious April 22, 2010
Cheeky bastard who killed millions of people and had an ugly as fuck mustache. He had tea-parties with other dictators, and was Satan's butt-buddy.
"Adolf Hitler killed himself because he was a pussy."
by Juicalicious April 24, 2010
A comedian who loves jell-o pudding. His distinctive way of talking is caused by an excess of jell-o pudding in his mouth at all times. He also wears a very sexy sweater, and makes everyone call him Mr.Cosby to boost his ego because his jokes are painfully bad.
"Why is that man talking that way?" "It's Bill Cosby, he always has his jowls full of jell-o pudding."

"Where did he get that sweater. It's so 1982!" "From Bill Cosby's yard sale."
by Juicalicious April 24, 2010
Secret Nazi who has a church on his property and worships Grey Goose. Prefers women with sugar-tits.
"Hi, I'm Mel Gibson and I'm an alcoholic."
by Juicalicious April 26, 2010
Band birthed from the vagina of mainstream "punk" a.k.a. skater-wannabes who sing like an emo with a scissor and play music that can only be described as the retarded child of modern-day rock.
If you're looking for an awful band just like All Time Low , try these :

The Academy Is.

A Day To Remember.
by Juicalicious January 23, 2011

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