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A follower of the music group Psychopathic Reccords. The female equivalent of a juggalo is a juggalette. Psychopathic Records all started with a group called ICP (insane clown posse). Other artists on this label include Twiztid, Blaze, Boondox, Abk, Dark Lotus, and more. Juggalos follow the 6 joker cards as presented by ICP albums. Each one teaches a lesson. Shangri-La is juggalo heaven. Faygo (yes the soda) is juggalo juice. Any juggalo who claims to be part of the psychopathic family, but can back it up with no knowledge, is called a jugga-hoe. Which many other definitions of "juggalo" on this site describe. (Get it right fag haters)ahem* excuse me. The juggalo family is 5 million strong and growing. So find your neighborhood wicked clown, and get down with the clown today.
Me and my juggalo homies just got back from gathering of the juggalos 09', it was WICKED!!!
by Juggasmoke February 05, 2010

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