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A two cents plain is a glass of seltzer water. During the Great Depression, one could get an egg cream for twenty-five cents (seltzer, chocolate syrup, and milk), a chocolate milk (milk and chocolate syrup) for a dime, a chocolate soda (seltzer and chocolate syrup) for a nickel, or plain seltzer water for two cents. Two cents plain.
I'll have an egg cream for my lovely date, and I'll take a two cents plain.
by Judith June 14, 2006
Stian Thoresen is a very nice Guy. His Facestyle is stolen from Tjodlav, but it looks better! His "singing" sounds better as the one of Dany Filth!!!!! The Albums on wich he played the Drums are good, like For all Tid or others. His Tatoos are cool, his skin is beautiful white! But I want to see a photo of him without this good view!! When he was young (23 or so) he was nice looking!!
Stian you're cool!
He is a beautiful guy!
by Judith January 08, 2004
Floogheyzee: Lame, real gay, real stupid, and unnecessary.
yo, dem snibs is mad floogheyzee son.
by Judith August 06, 2004
A noise that a cow makes while chewing the cud
by Judith December 08, 2004
A substitution for offensive language
'For floop's sake' or 'Floop off'
by Judith December 08, 2004
i have 1 it is great it gets stuff under the skin, it smells. I like to play with it
by judith November 03, 2003
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