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Choate Rosemary Hall, located in Wallingford, CT, is one of the most prestigious and well-known preparatory schools in the nation. A boarding school of around 850, Choate attracts students from all over the world, enabling there to be a diverse student body.

Choate has educated some of America's most prominent, including President John F. Kennedy, Michael Douglas, Paul Giamatti, Adlai Stevenson, Herb Kohler, Glenn Close, Jamie Lee Curtis, Edward Albee, Ivanka Trump, Amanda Hearst, John Dos Passos, etc.

With two I.M. Pei-designed buildings, beautiful architecture, a 400+ acre campus, dedicated faculty, extensive resources, strong alumni network, and one of the most comprehensive and advanced secondary school curricula, Choate Rosemary Hall continues to be one of the most well-regarded first-tier prep schools.

Despite falling behind in name recognition, prestige, reputation, academics, and athletics, Deerfield Academy is Choate's traditional rival.
Though few people are familiar with "Deerfield Academy" outside the boarding school world, Choate Rosemary Hall is well-known by people all over the world.

Choate Rosemary Hall scholar-athletes were able to defeat Deerfield in all varsity contests in 2005 in the annual Deerfield Day athletics contest. It was the first time a SWEEP had been achieved in both schools' histories.

Located in a quaint New England town, Choaties are in direct walking distance to eateries (Italian, American, Japanese, Chinese, diners, fast food, etc.), cafes, retailers (clothes, groceries, hair salons, etc.), a movie theater, etc.

Deerfield, on the other hand, literally does not have any stores or commercial outlets of any kind. They must entertain themselves, instead, by "looking towards the hills." Some Deerfield students interpret this by getting high in the woods down by the river.

Choaties are known to be scholars, athletes, citizens, gentlemen/ladies, intellectual, sociable, and fun. Few parties would be complete without a good-sized contingent of Choate students.
by Judge Choate March 05, 2006

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