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when a woman has your bean bag in her mouth and you're banging your johnson against her forehead (i.e. pounding the gavel), when you're getting ready to bust a nut, yell out "Case Closed!" or "Here Comes the Judge!"
Variations include tossing your chowder in her eye (or ear) and shouting "Case Dismissed!" or pulling out early and shouting "I Find You in Contempt!" before flipping her over and performing the bobsled.
I was pounding the judge's gavel with Vanessa last night and at the last second I stopped short, shouted "Here Comes the Judge!" and then made an egg-white omelet for her.
by Judge January 25, 2005
A mentally challenged White 'Trash' male adult who has many sick fetishes, including wearing diapers.
When I was in South Carolina, I sure saw a lot of Leroys!
by Judge September 10, 2004

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