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Colombian soccer team, Founded on 1941 in Bogota by some students of the Gimnasio moderno school,the color of this team are Red & White (based on the english soccer teamArsenal). The team has a loyal fan called "LA GUARDIA ALBIROJA SUR" that follows "The Red lion" everywhere and have the biggest flag of the whole earth with 1330 mts of total area.
Also Santa Fe is the best team of colombia, its the Colombian and Bogota's proud...
-This is a Santa fe song: No la tiene boca juniors no la tiene River plate la bandera mas grande la tiene mi SANTA FE
-Señores yo soy del rojo y tengo aguante,Yo sigo a el rojo por todas partes, Por que es un sentimiento que se lleva en el corazoooon, Yo daria toda mi vida por ser campeon, DALE LEON DALE LEON DALE INDEPENDIENTE SANTA FE
by Juan_10 December 02, 2006
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