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Exact definition: "Thats Cool" but SO utterly cool, the word 'cool' just isn't strong enough.

Because of the potency of this extremely strong version of 'cool' it cannot be used in a sentence. It is a sentence on it's own.

Pronounced: c-w-a-n-t-ay
Person 1: *Drops cartridges out of guns and kicks them into a bad guys face, rendering him unconcious*

Person 2: Cuenté... *Nods head in rhythm to the word*
by Juan Smooth April 21, 2009
To express dislike to something or someone. It can be used as a substitute for "crap" or "gay".
Person 1: *Farts*
Person 2: Eww, thats womba you tramp!
Person 1: You're womba, you knobhead!
by Juan Smooth April 21, 2009
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