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One badass man! A Steinbomb is a large, strong, stern man; he rides motorcycles and isn't afraid to throw down for what he believes in. He demands respect but also returns that same respect to those who deserve it. When a Steinbomb comes around keep your girl away because their clothes will literally fly off. He's handsome, tall, fit, and witty. He can talk a starving dog off a meat truck and get himself out of as much trouble as he can get himself into. He treats his women with respect and is a very loyal partner; for this reason he deserves to be spoiled with good food, blow jobs, lots of sex, and get his ego stroked. If your in his favors you can trust a Steinbomb with your life; piss him off however, and you'd better watch your back! A Steinbomb is also a hard worker and considered a "Closet Affectionist" meaning PDA is not permitted but you can count on Steinbomb to make a woman feel like a princess behind closed doors!
"Wow, look at that sexy beast! He looks tough, he must be Steinbomb"
by JuJubean87 July 02, 2012

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