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2 definitions by Jtime2

n. The state of tagging along on a date in which you are not the only one tagging along. Normally this would not be a problem unless you are already dating someone and have no intention of cheating. This is the rare opportunity where there are TWO awkward third wheels. Take the following example:
Dude, I was totally an awkward fourth wheel on Pete's date with Chelsea because Lauren was sick. Chelsea brought a friend but she was shit ugly plus I have a girlfriend.
by Jtime2 February 24, 2009
When a man (or a bro) is forced to watch The Notebook by his girlfriend. Thereby making him unable to hang with his bros. Note that it is usually reccommended to bring another movie to watch afterward to cancel out the feminism of The Notebook. Such movies include explosions, guns, and/or women.
No Ben I can't get crunk at your house on Friday cause I'm watching The Brotebook with Kali.
by Jtime2 February 08, 2009