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3 definitions by Jsol

An awesome site that has pictures and videos of epic fails.
-Dude, have you checked fail blog recently?
-Yeah, that guy got owned!!
by Jsol January 02, 2009
Similar to lolcats, but with pictures of dogs. Main catchphrase is "i can has a hot dog" instead of "i can has cheezburger".
I personally think loldogs are cuter and funnier than lolcats, but I guess it's all a matter of opinion.
by Jsol February 16, 2009
A liberal who is best known for his documentaries and extreme opinions. Due to his radical nature, he is greatly criticized by right-wingers, but he definitely has some great points that should not be ignored.
Guy: Dude, have you seen sicko? My God, I can't believe this nation has such an awful healthcare system!
Moore-hater: I don't listen to Michael Moore. He's a fat hypocritical bastard.
Guy: Um, you're thinking of Rush Limbaugh.
by Jsol February 16, 2009