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2 definitions by Jpizzel

To Mess something up causing damage of varying degree. One can jimmie up nearly anything from a household object to a body part. Often things that become jimmied up are related to negligence or inattention to the task at hand, however responsible adults can also jimmy something up by mistake or overuse.
I jimmied up you transmission Rob. I don't know what happened.
by Jpizzel September 11, 2013
The opposite of a sleepy head. A person that loves mornings and tends to be alert in the morning hours. A wakey head may drink large amounts of coffee in the mornings, or they may wake up to exercise prior to going to work. They almost always annoy their coworkers and tend to be over achievers. Wakey heads have type A personalities and tend to be quite goal oriented. A large percentage of wakey heads are likely female.
Why are you working so hard at 7 am. You are such a wakey head!

If you don't stop with that redbull in the mornings you will be an official wakey head.
by Jpizzel September 11, 2013