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Another, rhyming term for dogpile and dog shit. This is canine fecal matter that is usually found in your front yard or on sidewalks.
I should probably stop feeding my dog so much; he's crapping out dog logs like an Uzi empties a clip. It's everywhere!
by Journey Fan February 07, 2005
This is a phrase that can be added on to an insult, or a snap against someone's mama. It basically means to take something painfully or be hurt by it (what the person has had said to them), and increases the impact and effect of the insult by the user.
It would be nice to have a blowjob from your mom. feel it hard.
by Journey Fan October 25, 2004
A device that tells time; a descendant of the sundial, which was an ancient instrument that was used to tell time, employing the use of shadows and the sun. Today's clocks either come in the form of electronic, digital clocks with alarms; wall clocks powered by batteries that use the classic "hand" design; and watches of many designs and face colors, or has a chain connected to it and a click-closing lid, known as a pocketwatch. These watches are useful when you have to meet someone somewhere at a specific time.
1.) The clock on the wall says its 12:45.

2.) Are you kidding me? this watch is a classic! It's a Romex; they don't make Romex's anymore.
by Journey Fan October 26, 2004
Oh, one correction! Paul Carrack is actually the lead singer, he also went off on his own temporary solo career between this band's albums; one in 1985, and another in 1988.
Mike and The Mechanics really should be more well-known
by Journey Fan February 06, 2005
A band formed in the mid-80s when Phil Collins broke off and decided to go on a solo career. There self-titled debut album made it big on the charts with two hit singles: "All I Need Is A Miracle" and "Silent Running." However, it was there 1988 album "The Living Years" that featured the smash hit title track. They are a combination of 80s Pop and Progressive/Arena Rock. Lead singer is Mike Rutherford.
A great band that all 80s fans should check out.
by Journey Fan November 18, 2004
Something that Ted Kennedy is immune to. This guy is so drunk, brewries have to work double-overtime! He has been drunk so many thousands of times he never feels hangovers anymore.
Anyways, hangovers are the physical results of drinking too much alcohol the night before. A hangover is usually a throbbing headache, that may feel like a migraine.
Some guy: Oh, my head. I hate hangovers.
His girl: Here, hon. Take a chasir caplet.
by Journey Fan August 13, 2004
This means you that you open and swallow the load of cum during oral sex.
From a joke: ....please caress my balls, if you don't you chong the load.
by Journey Fan September 16, 2004

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