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the pregnancy-like bump many women develop on their abdomens from high cortisol levels caused by chronic stress
Example 1: No, I'm not pregnant, this is just my stress baby.

Example 2: I'm going to the gym to abort my stress baby.
by JossedGrrl February 02, 2010
1. a random image inserted into a television show or movie by a creator with no special significance but which fans attribute deep meaning to and debate about said meaning at length. The term stems from a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, 04.22 "Restless." The term can also be applied to any of the following:

2. any confusing image which causes a person to realize she is literally or figuratively dreaming

3. something which will not protect a person

4. something for which one clears a space, especially if space is already available or time should be spent on more pressing matters

5. an existential question or riddle
1. Look, I listened to the director's commentary. The bald guy is just a cheese slice--there's no deep meaning behind his appearance.

2. It all seemed so real, but my dog driving an ice cream truck was a real cheese slice and I knew I had to wake up.

I thought I could trust my best friend until I got smacked with a cheese slice: she was having an affair with my boyfriend!

3. I don't know if I want to ride with you--your Geo Metro is a total cheese slice in an accident.

4. I know I told my sister I would babysit, but I cheese-sliced in coffee with Nathan instead.

5. The real cheese slice is whether I wear the pants or the pants wear me.
by JossedGrrl February 02, 2010

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