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A.D.D, but with cd's. when you're in the car, and you keep switching cd's
that kid has chronic CDD, he flips through his cd case while driving quite fast, and may possibly die.
by Joshua Jean March 30, 2007
acronym for broke ass bastard syndrome, a disease that comes with not having a job, or just spending all your money on useless shit. this disease can only be remedied by having an awesome sugar momma (or poppa) who buys stuff for you all the time (preferably an old one, so they can die and bequeath you their money)
Anna Nicole Smith had B.A.B.S. this is her testimonial:

"After i got too fat to be in playboy, my B.A.B.S really started acting up. i knew i needed a rich old sugar daddy as fast as possible. and i got one! now my B.A.B.S is cured and i have enough money to live for a long time!!"

by Joshua Jean March 30, 2007
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