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WAY worse than calling a girl cunt.
Its like a lioness or princess. Ultimate.
Spoiled bitch.
Jody:I think your such a faggot, get out of my house.

Joshua:Why are you such a Cuntress right now?
by Joshua Danger July 25, 2008
A place where mean, spoiled, rude, lying inconsiderate sluts come from.
A few different examples:

1) Go back to Cunt County Tayler...

2) Rhonda, I think you are going to miss your train back to Cunt County.

3) "Hey Josh, why was that girl so mean to you?"
"I dunno jarrod, i guess she was born and raised in Cunt County"

by Joshua Danger July 25, 2008
Referring to any sort of alcoholic beverage.
Tim: "lets go talk to that girl, she's totally eying you!"

Jon: "Ok, let me get some "Liquid-Confidence" first, then I'm ready!"
by Joshua Danger December 11, 2008
When a girl isn't really that hot, but when your drunk, she is. Therefore, she is drunkable (much like Do-able, just with more alcohol, and lowered standards)

Chris: "Dude, that girl you hooked up with last night wasn't that hot!"

Joshua:"I know, but she def was drunkable at the time, thank god she wasn't here when I woke up!"
by Joshua Danger December 11, 2008

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