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Long and shaggy hairstyle reminiscent of circa 1970's kung-fu movies. Noteable examples include Jacky Chan in his earlier films and more recently, Steve Oedekerk's character in Kung Pow.
Zhang Yao: "Wang, I see you're sporting kung-fu hair these days."
Wang Chun: "Yeah, I know. I'm trying to save money for that new rickshaw by cutting back on haircuts."
by Joshua Chao October 01, 2005
Ornate but otherwise meaningless business-speak usually heard coming out of MBA students.

It's a double-edged sword and is very difficult to wield effectively. Amateurish use will result in the loss of all credibility whereas the opposite is true for those who do it well.
Bored VC: *sigh* "Not another talk talk session."
by Joshua Chao September 30, 2005

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