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A ride cymbal is a type of cymbal that is a standard part of most drum kits.Its function is to maintain a steady rhythmic pattern,sometimes called a ride pattern, rather than to provide accents as with, for example, the crash cymbal. A drummer will normally place the main ride cymbal near their dominant hand.Striking on the bell makes a higher sound.
Listen to some Rush songs,you'll hear the bell being struck,or Son of a gun by Nirvana,the ride cymbal is clearly heard.
#ride #cymbal #crash #bell #stick
by Joshisawesomesauce February 17, 2009
A bass pedal with two pedals.Some use two bass drums with two single pedals(this method creates more airflow)While using a double pedal some might use a drop clutch to drop the hi hat until the slave foot is free.
Geore Kollias,Dave Lombardo,Joey Jordison all use double pedals.
The top brands of pedals are Axid,DW,Pearl,Tama,and Yamaha
#double #pedal #axis #tama #kollias #lombardo #jordison
by Joshisawesomesauce February 17, 2009
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