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SA Slang, a Pick Up truck, a 4x4 with no rear hood
Ya, Lets stick the kids in the back of the bakkie and take a spin Eh?
by Josha September 03, 2003
A super uber kewl dude, SA slang
Howzit my Chinabean?
by Josha September 03, 2003
Oral Sex, with a woman
Would you like a Big Juicy Mango?
by Josha September 03, 2003
To look at someone in a vulger & sexual way.

-Guys who use girls for sex (or girls for guys) have 69 eyes.

Taken from the term "69"ing. Rather than just sex (which could involve love in some cases) The 69, being raunch & lustful is made to the term "69 eyes" because people 'look' at someone with the lustful desire with no attachments.
"Don't go out with Jim, he's got 69 EYES ! You'll be heartbroken"
by josha April 07, 2006
SA slang meaning Big, Great, Large
Ya eh, that bakkie has lekker shiny Mags eh?
by Josha September 03, 2003
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