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Anally Injected Death Sentence...get this disease and your all but dead. Most common in the homosexual male community but as the world becomes more populated with bisexual men who enjoy rumpy pumpy with both sexes, the disease spreads to women. From here anyone can catch it because most women on this earth are skank and will get pricked by anyone. Eventually a prostitute, gigolo or rent boy will get it and it will spread like shit everywhere. The best way of preventing yourself from getting this is by keeping your helmet on your soldier if you are a bloke, insisting your boyfriend refrains from putting his schlong/schlort (whatever the case may be) anywhere else other than between your cuntflaps if you are a woman, or prevention from any intercourse, especially anal, with a prostitute, gigolo or rent boy.
"John hired a rent boy the other night"

"Ha, i bet the batty boy's got aids now"
by Josh_Guern May 29, 2006
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