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The protagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! He has a flamboyant hair style, and he has penchant for gaming. He plays a game called Duel Monsters to save people and to thwart the plans of evil people such as Malik. He rarely loses in that game because he drews a card he needs when he is under duress persistantly. He also invokes a spirit in the golden pyramid (Millenium Puzzle) he wears called Yami or Atem who was a pharaoh in Egypt.
Yugi is my hero. He is the paladin of gaming. In Latin, his name is "Rex Yugi".
by Josh Miller May 07, 2004
A sucky game compared to Outwar! Outwar requires cognative abitity to play but Kings of Chaos does not. A rip off of Outwar!
I love Outwar! Screw Kings of Chaos.
by Josh Miller July 17, 2004
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