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A being (especially female) who wears far too much make-up, usually foundation, for it to have any positive effect. The "builder's" part of the phrase refers to the foundation, and the "cake" refers to the amount of foundation.
Damn! Look at Sabrina; she's such a builder's cake.
by Josh Byrnes August 31, 2005
A abbreviation for the term 'Found On Boat'. Commonly used in a derogatory manner towards people of Maori or Samoan descent, who immigrate into other countries. FOBs are known to be outcasts, both fashion-wise and language-wise. They generally group together with their own kind to perform such activities as playing basketball (or b-ball) and rapping.
"Look at those lousy FOBs playing basketball"
"Stupid rapping FOBs"
by Josh Byrnes August 10, 2005
A derogatory term applicable to anyone. Derived from a type of potato, usually small. "Chat" was originally used to describe people with heads that are small and rough in shape, but has since been adopted into everyday language to describe unclean people.
"Trent just ate the bubblegum from under the table! He's such a chat..."
by Josh Byrnes August 10, 2005
A term used commonly among wogs and fobs. Often used around people of different origin to try to make them jealous of their comradery.
"Hey bro, wanna go bash some kids?"
"Hey bro, let's go play some b-ball"
by Josh Byrnes August 10, 2005
A particularly fat person.
"Hey Susan, you're a stupid meat loaf"
by Josh Byrnes August 31, 2005

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