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1. a phrase used to agree with an opponent in an argument, yet to continue your contempt, disdain, and disagreement with the conclusion

1a. the way to win ANY argument, ever.
Joe: Women should be bound to the kitchen, ironing my clothes, and cooking my dinner!

Mary: Women have equal rights, and can't be put down and kept in the kitchen where we have been basically used as slaves.

Joe: Yeah but..
by Josh Amaral June 23, 2007
This is the practice of wrapping something such as wire, tape or some kind of material around a penis to restrict the release of fluids. Usually, someone will employ this tactic on a man's penis, and when he is about to orgasm, it will cause immense pain.
Stephanie caught Bill cheating on her, so she played like she didn't know. When they were about to engage in sexual relations, she gave him a cocknoose. He was about to cum, but then his penis blew up.
by Josh Amaral September 24, 2006

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