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A reality TV show that airs on MTV. A show that started out with some noble goals about diversity, social issues, etc. It has, however, devolved into a mindless homo erotic hot tub party of drunken twenty-somethings. All cast members think they'll never have to work a real job after they've been on the show. Former Real World "stars" wind up broke and being pimped out to "make an appearance" at seedy nightclubs for a few hundred bucks. Totally pathetic.
The continued success of the Real World shocks even the most jaded MTV programming director. "People actually still watch this crap?"
by Joseph N Marks August 17, 2007
A pathetic, bald, talentless, spray-on tanned, middle-aged ass clown who is the lead singer of the 80's glam rock band Poison. The only reason he is able to make a living is because there are equally pathetic forty-somethings who seem intent on re-living the "good old days" of hairspray and crappy music.
Oh my God, is that Bret Michaels? I thought for sure he would have put his head in an oven by now!!
by Joseph N Marks August 17, 2007
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