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2 definitions by Joseph BonerStalin

When a guy starts hooking up with his girlfriend and gets a boner, but then his girlfriend gets up and wants to leave immediately, so he is stuck with a boner and doesn't want to stand up right away...this is an appropriate time to boner stall
Lucy: Okay John let's go. I have to be home in 5 minutes.

John: Lucy just hang on a second

Lucy: Why? Do you have a boner or something?

John: Yes

John was doing some BonerStalling
by Joseph BonerStalin January 21, 2010
A movement which is designed to fight the growing motion for "political correctness" in the world, America in particular.
Fred: "Hey Al, why don't you go ask that black guy if he could give us a hand."

Al: "He's not black. He's African-American."

Fred: "Dude, fuck you. I can call him black without being racist. Besides, "African-American" has too many syllables to ever really catch on.

(Fred is an advocate for the Antipussification movement)
by Joseph BonerStalin February 06, 2010