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hyper coffee drinking wack (verb)
(brother way too hyper) hey you, stop being tezkah!
by jose March 26, 2005

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1) one who trancends genders even as he creates them
2) Anyone who can drink 100 cups of coffee in one day
3) Damn Canadians
Is that a Tezkah in your pants? Or are you just flamboyantly homosexual?
by Twisted March 16, 2005
Somone who likes Anime women, i mean REALLY likes, like he wants to see them naked, and if he could, fuck them.
So i was talking to this guy, and he said "man i really want some hentai."

I looked at him and said WTF?@!?!? OMG?!?!? YOUR TEZKAH IRL ARENT YOU!!?!??! WTF!??!?! BARBECUE!?!??! BENDERYS HOT?!?!?! TEZKAH 1111!!!!!!!!thirty!!!!
by Well duh... January 18, 2004