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One of the darkest forms of music. Death Metal can scare the living shit out of preppies and other yuppie cockfucks. It contains a quick sound but acts like a slow drill. Devouring your soul and making you prone to "demon head voices". Its violent nature can cause side effects unprepared by many people. Such as hysteria, blindness, suicide, becoming emo and then committing suicide, devotion to satan and then suicide, "demon head voices", possesion, violent behavior to self and others, murder, so on so on. Most people think that gothics only listen to this freak masterpeice, but ney, it is popular with many people, mostly painfuckers and pseudo satanists. To be death metal you need a deep voice and you need to be able to stand in a heap of blood.
Pro-pain, Cannibal Corpse, etc.
by Jorge Sanchez June 21, 2005
A form of hardcore that mixes the soft sound of emo with the twisted sound of metal. It's its own form of music interbred from the two best genres.
Pussy Screamo- The Used, Finch, Hawthorne Heights, Taking Back Sunday, etc.

Death Screamo- Mudvayne
by Jorge Sanchez June 21, 2005
The evil twin of death metal. Black metal is the music of the unforgiving and those who are devoted to magic and or Satan. Black metal is far more dangerous than death metal because unlike death metal, black metal can cause temporary retardation, instant need for Satanism, the need for shrooms and other trip drugs, the want to burn a bible, suicide, murder, slowly tearing yourself apart, and fear of the dead. But those immune to it sometimes find it more appealing and beautiful than normal death metal. WARNING! NEVER BACKMASK BLACK METAL!
Give an emo kid this shit and you'll be cleaning flesh and blood forever. Most preppies generally hate this music because their friend tore their head off while it played. Most kids that backmask black metal end up inside out and morbidly raped by their own tongue.
See death metal if you want more info.
by Jorge Sanchez June 21, 2005
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