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The cardio work out guys do at the gym to suppossedly get the blood flowing and burn calories before they lift. Its purpose is to burn off the massive Fuddrucker's hamburger from the night before, yet, cardio party rarely surpasses 30 minutes or 100 burned calories. Its name is derived from the ever popular Mario Party.
"Alright, its time for some cardio party" he utters as he moves toward the treadmill to commence his 5 minute jog.
by Jordan44 February 19, 2008
The giant shoulder muscles of gym members
"Dude, look at that kid's boulders."
by Jordan44 February 19, 2008
If a man works out his chest mucles, or pecks, he has earned the right to call them chesticles. Skinny men cannot have chesticles, as they are not present. Fat men cannot have chesticles as they are too fat, they have man boobs instead.
Man 1: Yesterday was such a good work out.

Man 2: Dude, my chesticles are sooo sore.
by Jordan44 February 19, 2008
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