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While doing a girl up the ass doggy style you simply spit on her back and make orgazms and make her think your done then when she turns around you jizz on her face.
Last night I was bangin this chick and I gave her the spit and she was pissed.
by Jordan and Colin September 01, 2006
A person or group of people that are goofy tools. Usually nerds, dweebs, misfits, etc....

Also a famous cocktail made with UV Blue Vodka,Stoli Raspberry, Lemonade and 7-up.
Look at those foogy loots over there! Whata bunch of TOOLS!
by Jordan and Colin September 03, 2006
Ever heard of the term a butterface well this will solve your problem. Take a brown bag place over the head of your partner and just imagine of somebody else.
Hey babe you got to be brown bagg'n it for this dick.
by Jordan and Colin September 03, 2006
sitting with your friends and you decide to play a joke so you take your penis and open the bottom of the cereal box and put your penis in it so when your friends go to grab some cereal they get a surprize.
Dude WTF there is a prize in my cereal WTF the cereal prize
by Jordan and Colin September 03, 2006

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