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1. Name of the ancient territory located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. Modern-day Iraq.

2. Where the band "The Mesopotamians" (Sargon, Hammurabi, Ashurbanipal, and Gilgamesh) ran out of gas while traveling in their Ecoline Van with only a single piece of gum, in the song "The Mesopotamians" by the real-life band "They Might Be Giants."
1. Teacher: You will have to do a 500 word report on ancient Mesopotamia.
Student: Awww....

2. "The Mesopotamish sun is beating down
And making cracks in the ground
But there's nowhere else to stand
In Mesopotamia (No one's ever seen us)
The kingdom where we secretly reign (And no one's ever heard of our band)
The land where we invisibly rule"
-Lyrics from "The Mesopotamians" by "They Might Be Giants".
by JordACE July 06, 2009
1. Someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement

2. Fatal accident: an accident that causes someone to die

3. A decrease of military personnel or equipment
1. Officer: "We need medical support, we have three casualties, two of 'em fatal."

2. Newscaster: "There's been a casualty with the airliner, a wiring problem caused it to crash, killing over a hundred passengers."

3. Soldier 1: "Where's our extra ammo?"
Soldier 2: "HQ didn't send any."
Soldier 1: "Another casualty, eh?"
by JordACE August 23, 2009
Being Ninjanessless, which in essence means not having very much Ninjaness which is natural Ninja ability. Many Self-proclaimed Ninjas usually have a lot of Ninjanesslessness, even though they think they have a lot of Ninjaness. This is easily remedied by attempting a backflip.
That guy is so full of Ninjanesslessness, he couldn't be less ninja if he tried to catch an arrow and sprained his wrist!
by JordACE August 27, 2009
Housey (How•see) Adj.

1.Very sarcastic, Ironic

2. Creepy to the extent of being sexy
1. Dr. Conway: Dr. Jamie Conway. I've heard your name.

Dr. House: Most people have: It's also a noun.

2. Dr. House: I didn't invite you to be nice; I invited you because bowling isn't one of the two things guys do by themselves.

Dr. Chase: What's the other?

Dr. House: Other hand.

Used in a sentence:
1. House informed the other doctor that his last name was also a noun, thus being Housey.

2. House was using a somewhat Housey innuendo.
by JordACE August 29, 2009

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