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Awful noise defined by a constant bass drum, the reason being so you can bang your head up against a wall and knock yourself out so you don't have to listen to it. People into this sort of rubbish have to take drugs so they can listen without being bored to death. Listened to by burberry wearing idiots, teenagers with 5 kids and people who want to think they are hard. They are not.
Luckily can't think of an example of dance music. Tripe!
by Jonthemon June 21, 2007
Mindless computer generated noise listened to by drugged up, hoodie wearing thieving idiots. No being that likes this sort of noise ever purchases a CD, instead they steal it from the local supermarket along with razors, alcohol and anything they can sell down the local public house to buy money for drugs.
drum and bass + tone deaf = lack of brain
by Jonthemon June 21, 2007
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