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the 2 year anomaly in the space time continuum in which asain females go from lookin really young to suddenly lookin 800 years old.
Ming is a victim of the age refraction threshhold.
Ming at age 18: hot
Ming at age 50: hot like 18
Ming at 52: 800 years old
by Jonny Morrison December 22, 2004
a condom- a prophylactic device rolled onto a dudes member so as to prevent pregnancy and aids.
hold on babe, gotta grab some gym hats.
by Jonny Morrison December 19, 2004
The act of stealing pies
Archibald pieripulated at Mary Janes house..

Dudeman, looks like a classic case of pieripulation!
by Jonny Morrison December 17, 2004
Originally created by Strong bad. This Mythical creature can usually be found lying motionless in a field ommitting wierd bubbles.
WHATCH OUT! don't step on the huuuuuudge!!!
Do not feed the huuuuuuuudge.
by Jonny Morrison December 17, 2004
A mix between "AWESOME" and "AWFUL" to create an adjective that means "cool." right between awful and awesome.
Billy:it was an awfum concert
Cedric: Meh, so so
Gerald: More or less
by Jonny Morrison December 17, 2004
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