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From George (Greek Georgios d. 303 A.D.) + IE. Geordie is a term that has come come to denote two things:

1. A native of Tyneside

2. A supporter of Newcastle United (the noted pigeon crap of the North East).

The latter of these two has created a change to the traditional Geordie song, Blaydon Races. The new version is as follows:

Oh, me lads! You shoulda seem 'em gannin,
Dyre and co., havin a god - all the toon git bangin,
Thor was lots o' lads 'n' lasses there,
Fanies was git aching!
We divvn't need the Champion's - we'd rather gan out rapin!
Geordies are give a bad name by Newcastle United.

The mackems beat the Geordies.
by Jonny D July 13, 2004
a nasty combination of gonorea syphilis herppes and genital warts
gee dog, i would have to double bag my shit while with mama marsha or i will get gonosyphoherpawarts
by jonny d March 12, 2003
1. (N) One who drinks fine wine (usually cabernet) from another's asshole (how the wine got there, we'll never know), while juggling 3 red bouncy balls in their left hand.

2. (A)A fucking idiot

3. (V)To drink fine wine out of one's asshole
John: Hey ushtuk
Joan: How did you find out I'm an ushtuk?!?!?
John: I have my ways.
Joan: Please don't tell anyone!
John: Only if you ushtuk me!
Joan: Fine! I'll use an extra large straw to drink out of
John: You know thats the way I like it
by Jonny D July 11, 2004
A term used in the game of skat(31) to show victory!
Rank spank, throw your chip in!
by Jonny D April 01, 2004
The slang term for the female vagina, coming from the term Poon Tang.
I like the taste of that pooter
by Jonny D April 01, 2004

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