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The true definition of a 909er as follows:

Someone from the inland areas of Southern California from the cities of Riverside, Corona, etc (Area code 909 - recently changed to 951 but you are all still 909ers in my book).

These Southern California beach invaders drive their overly lifted trucks or SUVs to the point where they themselves (probably compensating for their height or size of their dick) can walk under. Their "sick" vehicles are often covered with stickers that say "So Cal", "Metal Mulisha", "Skin", "SRH", Iron Crosses, and various other stickers that only look cool to them.

Their appearance entails the 'perfect' beach attire: shaved heads, bent upward billed hats, wife beaters, sagging dickies, high black or white socks, and shoes(worn on the sand), bandanas, white sunglasses, and shitty tattoos (nautical stars, tribal bands, barb wire, sparrows, and last names written in old English) how creative.

You will most likely find them in groups, starting fights, feeding lame pickup lines to girls, or in their stupid lifted truck blasting awful music. They also make fun of locals because their own insecurities will not allow them to see past their Dragon Sunglasses. Sadly, these events increase dramatically every year.
True Story...took place in Huntington Beach, CA

Darren: (upon sighting a group of 909ers) "fully clothed at the beach huh its like 95 degrees out"
909ers: "what? what did you say..(draws a line in the sand) I DARE YOU TO CROSS THIS LINE BITCH!"
fellow 909ers: "yeah! yeah!"
Darren: "haha wow did you really just draw a line in the sand? such a douchebag"
by Jonnah October 30, 2007

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