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The traditional 5 dollar bag of weed.
Usually low grade 'mersh'.
Yeilded about 3 to 5 skinny joints.
A good nicklebag was not only decent smoke but would yeild as many as 5 somewhat fat joints or 7 or 8 skinny ones.
"This nicklebag is fucking amazingly fat. I bet we get 6 joints out of this one"
by Jonathon_Holmes July 15, 2005
A habitual appendage to every sentance as if out of some weird compulsion n shit.
Made most famous by Slash of guns n roses
who seems not to be capable of saying anything without appending n shit to it n shit. Most notably a problem when attending important social functions like funerals and weddings n shit.
Could possibly be some kind of weird leftover from the really down and dirty hippy days of the 60's n shit.
We are gathered here today to join these two beloved people in blessed matrimony n shit.
by Jonathon_Holmes July 15, 2005
An affectionate ghetto slang term for someone with a large stomach, usually a dude growing out of shape over time.
Damn babydue, when's the baby due?
by Jonathon_Holmes July 15, 2005
A brand of heroin once extremely popular on the lower east side of manhattan.
Also, by way of extension, anything that is particularly good or strong.
"What's good today? Mandatory"

"Damn that skunk was MANDATORY bro"
by Jonathon_Holmes July 15, 2005
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