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2001 is a film quite unlike any other to date. It's difficult to put in a box - you could call is sci-fi, but it breaks many sci-fi conventions. It breaks many conventions of any genre - for the first time, Kubrick was a law unto himself.

My take on the whole "mystery" aspect of the film is that it's meant as an *experience*, more than a fictional narrative. This isn't a movie about good vs. evil or the perils of technology (although it contains these elements). This is a film that causes the viewer to experience a feeling of wonder, awe and yearning.

Kubrick made a comment about it being a "religious" movie. In many ways it is.

From the time it was released some people have called it boring or emotionally detached, but I dissagree. Over time the film has acquired a status of "legendary", and has penetrated pop culture in ways no other work has done. In spite of it being a subjective experience, it's had a profound effect on those who have seen it.

Far from being unemotional, I found the closing scene of 2001 to be the most touching expression of human optimism ever put to celuloid.
Sci-fi geek: 2001 sucks man, where are the exploding spaceships and wierd looking aliens?

Me: Wow.. I'm so past all the crap I watched as a kid. 2001 rules!
by Jonathan07 September 04, 2007
like normal humping but when both partners involved happen to be females (anatomically at least).

a variation on this would be "scissors"
girl 1: i love you so much babe
girl 2: mmm you're so hot you little bitch slaps ass
girl 1: hey let's fuzz hump!
girl 2: hehe ok
(sound of girls fuzz-humping)
by Jonathan07 July 02, 2008

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