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3 definitions by Jonathan Hamilton

A misspelling of psych.
Knowing Sonia was thirsty, Jonathan teased her with his soda. "Here, you can have a sip...psych!"
by Jonathan Hamilton April 30, 2005
2165 1019
v. t. imp. & p. p. merced; p. pr. & vb. n. mercing. transformation of the noun form of merc to a verb]

to injure or kill someone (or damage or destroy something) in exchange for payment.
Desperate for revenge, Tony hired a couple of thugs to merc Bobby.
by Jonathan Hamilton April 22, 2005
66 76
A corruption of merc.
When Joey squealed to the cops, Jane sent a couple of thugs with baseball bats over to merc that stool pigeon.
by Jonathan Hamilton April 22, 2005
9 19