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A place that is called a TRAP by anyone that has moved out.

Most people stay due to family obligations, but admit that they are stuck and can't leave without pissing off other "TRAPPED" people.
Great geography, but horrible infastructure. What city street this week is under construction and what bridge is stuck in the up position.
There is no work, so people drink. There is 49 bars, but not ONE industry that supports them. The useless people frequent these bars.
City Hall is called the Roche Bar, and to be honest it's the best place in the damn town.
How is it that this city, year after year and decade after decade is stuck behind the times. If you left PH in 2001 and came back now, the entire downtown looks the same.

And why hasn't someone dumped some money into the dump known as McMorran? Cause the entire place is a dump.

IF you are lucky enough to live there and go to college, let's hope school blesses you with enough sense to move south for work.

How's the 8 weeks of summer treating you all up there? I'll tell you that the 9 months of Summer down here sure is nice and there is jobs galore.
Port huron, lake huron, marysville
by JonRotten January 22, 2011

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