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1 definition by JonFriesAlot

Sexual arousal caused by sudden vibrations. Usually accompanied by ridiculous rings tones, need I say more?
Cindy: So then I was all like I'm going to shove my-

*Nigel's cellphone begins to ring in his pants pocket*

Cindy: Are you going to answer that?

Nigel: Answer what?

Cindy: Your phone, it's been ringing for a good 2 minutes....

Nigel: Oh, WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT you're RIGHT! I TOTALLY wasn't even paying attention.

Cindy: Were you getting another one of those BLOODY Phoner's! Nigel I told you to keep your God Damn phone in your jacket pocket I can't believe your getting ONE-On at the dinner table with my parents right beside you.

Nigel: Huh?
by JonFriesAlot April 22, 2011