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An almost oxymoron that is curiously comprised of someone who is both Uber and Loser.

"Uber" is derived from Nietzsche's term "ubermensch" meaning "superman." Loser is plain out english, meaning "someone who fails to succeed."

Therefore, an UberLoser is both superior and inferior.
That UberLoser is awesome and lame! I like it.
by JonAndrewDavis July 29, 2005
The state of being dangerously self-contradictory and unsolvable. This word is a combination of the words "Paradox" and "Toxic."
Damn... Uberloser and Smartjock are Paradoxical.
by JonAndrewDavis July 29, 2005
Someone who can read Doestevsky's Crime and Punishment in one hand while sinking a three-point shot with the other.
I thought it was impossible, but that Smartjock sure is intelligent and atheletic...
by JonAndrewDavis July 29, 2005

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