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A person who lives a miserable life in school and goes home and cries and then tries to act tough on the internet, or complains on the internet. Goths are often internet bitches because they are losers in their schools, so they create crappy art and sad poetry show it over the internet. Internet bitches are often people who threaten to kick other peoples asses in forums or chatrooms, obviously knowing that they will most likely never see the person they are threatening. They sad version of them often have blogs filled with artwork or just boring entries about their sad lives. A more minor form of an internet bitch is someone who simply attempts to gain internet popularity in forums by arguing with people. They often try to act extremely smart by finding minor spelling and grammar mistakes.
"Look at that internet bitch, she goes home, slits her wrists and then spends her weekends on the internet"

See this complaining Internet Bitch, who is whining about his or her school Springfield Township High School.
by Jon Smithy July 17, 2005

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