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A quaint suburban school in Montgomery County. About 5 minutes from the outskirts of Philly but if you asked anyone from Philly about if they have heard of it they will saw no and scrunch up their face in a "what the fuck" manner. Another popular response is the comparison to the Simpsons to which I say "No...not that Springfield"

The people in Springfield are either diehard suburbans, people who migrated from Philly and refuse to admit they are apart of our school see...G-Mob or white people who refuse to accept the fact that they are white and desperately try to be black

Everyone in Springfield hates it and if anyone tells you any different they are lieing. We all grew up with each other and are sick of seeing each other's faces.
G-Mob originated in Springfield Township High School. Arent we proud?
by C/O '05 Rep January 19, 2005
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