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The usual choice between 2 canidates in a election or chose a turd sandwich.
So who are you gonna vote fpr a giant douche, or turd sandwich?
by Jon Opium October 14, 2006
AKA Terrorists. Believe that "Zionist control everything", and that taxes are wrong, (well throw the patriot part out there), And the country should be a theocarcy
Christian patriots are hadly patriots at all
by Jon Opium October 02, 2006
Clintons former speech writer, also conservative nut job. Really has had it out for clinton ever since he was fired by clinton, after being found with a hooker. 2 years later clinton would be found in a similar position

Oh and his name basicly explains what he is.
Man Dick Morris must really have it in for clinton. Well we all want to hurt our ex boss.
by Jon Opium September 30, 2006
a state I have never been to so no cooment on that but the musical sucks ass.
Oklahoma is a terrrble gay ass play
by Jon Opium October 09, 2006
A great actress, also is extremley hot.
Emmy Rossum is hot. Loved to fuck her
by Jon Opium October 16, 2006

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