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The female senior at a high school prom who was voted for by her fellow classmates. While every female has a chance of winning, the Prom Queen is usually the prettiest and most social among the others. (See: Queen Bee).
Not Another Teen Movie was complete BS; Priscilla was suppose to be the Prom Queen.
by Jon Ace March 17, 2007
An emoticon denoting a look of approval.

Antonymous to the look of disapproval (ಠ_ಠ).
Person A: I find myself wishing there was a Look of Approval...

Person B: But there is! ʘ‿ʘ
by Jon Ace September 14, 2010
The male version of the Prom Queen. Usually a Guido or jock with the occasional "nice guy".
My chances for being voted as Prom King are slim to none, but there's hope, right? RIGHT?!
by Jon Ace March 17, 2007
A variation to the sex position, missionary.

The giver is on the bottom, the receiver is on top.
Inverted missionary is a good position for a girl's first time on top.
by Jon Ace September 22, 2006
An emotion showing a dazzed, confused, or retarded state.

Originates from GameFAQs' Random Insanity.

( + alt+0183 + underscore + space + alt+0183 + )

(·_ ·)

by Jon Ace October 22, 2006
The act of walking slowly, as if you were in a mall.
I hate it when I'm in a rush and these people got their mall walk on.
by Jon Ace January 15, 2006
A person or event that ruins a good time. When something "bursts your bubble".

Synonym for killjoy.
"Sick_Heret1c", you're such a joykill.

The thunderstorm that started up while we were at the beach was a joykill.
by Jon Ace May 20, 2006
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