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These gaames are fun to play as long as u dont play all day! and fuck all u otha people who say they are for people who have no life,im sure u people play games to, maybe no RPG games but otha ones i guss u dont have a life ether huh!
No examples for u to read
by Jon April 21, 2004
A weird little (not literal) individual whos real name is louisa. she can be found hanging at the wall or winnign cookery competitions. other examples of nicknames are:
spuds sis
flushing wiz
tic tac
a: where's weez?
b: at the wall
a: kewl, lets go.
b: sure
by jon April 05, 2004
1)Probably one of the best games ever made for X Box or any other system. Its an FPS so some people say it sucks, but their just a bunch of n00bs that can't master a game or any other game for that matter. If you don't play halo what kind of gamer are you?
2)A giant spinning ring floating in space with a diamiter of 10,000km, and a thickness of 22.3km. It was constucted by the Forrunner as a weapon to kill all life in the galexy,less the univers be left to be consumed by the parasitic Flood. Last seen in orbit around the gas giant Threshold. Communications with installation 04 have been lost.
Current statis:Unknown
Halo kicks ass. All your base are belong to us you little n00bs.
by Jon April 25, 2005
US mil. Personnel adhering to dated engineering concepts. Brants are the embodiment of the "if it aint broken, don't try and fix it" maxim. Believed to be shortened form of Brantwood US Army Transportation Depot, AZ.
"The Bradley? One hell of a fighting vehicle but the transmission musta been put together by the brant squad."
by Jon May 12, 2004
The New 'adventure game' from LucasArts Starring Spaff.
Spaff is starring in 'Free Agent' from LucasArts
by jon January 27, 2004
The pathetic excuse for humor, the annoyance of one's own opinion to state utterance of what he cannot comprehend.

Cheeses of Nazareth are Cheeto's made in Nazareth, plus it is known as sarcasum of what religion has portrayed as a negitive effect upon society for many, many years.

This however does not excuse the first definition on this page. The guy who wrote that is just an ignorant bastard.
"Cheeses of Nazareth taste better then american cheeto's." "Yeah, they do, and that reminds me of the BS religion has done to our country, world. Someone should do something about the misinformation of societies common knowledge."
by Jon January 08, 2004
an attack which kills white people
it's not terrorism when we do it either.
by jon April 02, 2005
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