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1: To be insulted someone.
2: Being hit up by someone for small money.
1:Eli: "Dude, you suck balls"
Me: "Dude why you dollar checkin' me?"

2:Bryce: "Hey, can I borrow a few bucks?"
Me: " Dude, quite dollar checkin' me"
by Jolyon Gidari January 03, 2008
1. To run or to do something half heartidly, or just realy girly.
Dylan: Dude, did you see London get tackled behind the line of scrimage?
Me: Ya man, he was totally pussy footin'!
by Jolyon Gidari October 22, 2008
Locked door policy refers to a policy in which your car doors are locked for various people.
Dylan: Dude, so me, Chris, and Caitlin are gonna catch a ride with you tonight, that cool?
Nate: No way, you know I have an LDP regarding Caitlin ever since she hooked up with Connor.
by Jolyon Gidari January 17, 2009

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