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One of the many aliases of the legendary hacker and Banger Racer Wldnas.
This is Maelforg. Man of many talents!
by Jolla Sloven August 02, 2004
The earliest evidence of the existence of Cetaforce dates back to 1993, but Wldnas, the creator, maintains that Cetaforce was invented earlier.

Cetaforce is a group of dolphins who save the day every time through luck, skill and chance.

Cetaforce was invented by Wldnas one day whilst he was daydreaming at work, and had a nasty accident.

Cetaforce is comprised of the talking dolphins Sonar, Dylan, Whitefin and Lucky amongst others, such as Dobbs the Grey Whale.
Only Cetaforce can save me now!
by Jolla Sloven August 02, 2004
"Wldnas" is reputed to be one of the finest and most skilful hackers on the internet today. He operates in the utmost secrecy, and it is widely believed by those in-the-know not to make him angry, or very bad things will happen.

"Wldnas" is also an enthusiast of the sport of Banger Racing. He achieved considerable fame in this sport as he was the fabled driver of Mr Limmy 205.

"Wldnas" is also known to have operated under the name Maelforg in the past, and it is rumoured that he is the creator of Cetaforce, a heroic shoal of cyber-suit wearing, talking dolphins that live somewhere off the coast of England.
I say, that Wldnas is a jolly queer fellow!
by Jolla Sloven August 02, 2004

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