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The ultimate prankster in the Hitler rants parodies on YouTube. From pooping on the toilet so no one can use it to abandoning his post on the battlefield, he never fails to have Hitler ramming his fist on the desk in rage.
Gunsche: The toilet is clogged.

Hitler: Damn that Fegelein keeps getting the damn toilet clogged up. Unclog it you fool. I don't maintain the toilet. You do. Get the damn plunger and unclog the toilet it's not that hard you've done it before. It's easy. Unclog the toilet and send Fegelein to me! Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!
by Joker9292 July 11, 2010
Weed that straight up sucks. Usually seedy and stemmy and hard to grind up. Low THC content. Smoked by people on a budget or people from the south where the goods is hard to find.
Timmy: Hey guys I brought some weed!

tbe guys: Man get that booboo weed outta here, I can't even smoke this shit. This shit tastes awful and I'm getting a headache!
by Joker9292 December 05, 2015
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