3 definitions by Joker5997

The act of pulling down one's pants, to the bare ass, and sitting or preferably jump sitting on someone elses nose. This is most successful when your butt hole lands directly on the victem's nose.
While he sat down I dolphin kissed him.

She has a brown nose because I dolphin kissed her
by Joker5997 March 17, 2008
A girl you sleep with that you don't want your friends to know about. Typically some easy girl you meet at a bar or party that is willing to sleep with you A.S.A.P.
"When is the last time you've gotten laid?"
"Last weekend with some night owl I met at the bar."
by Joker5997 November 10, 2014
A fat girl wearing purple since they look like Ronald McDonald's big purple friend Grimace.
Struck out again huh? Well you can always go hit on Grimace over there.
by Joker5997 January 26, 2011

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